Bellypaintings by Michaela Zeng

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Also Facepainting or Airbrushtattoos... Or individual Bodypaintings for private Photoshootings... My clients come from: Alzey, Aschaffenburg, Baden Württemberg, Bad Dürkheim, Bad Homburg, Bad Nauheim,
Bürstadt, Landau, Neustadt, Bad Vilbel, Bensheim, Bergstraße, Darmstadt, Dieburg,
Dietzenbach, Frankfurt, Friedrichsdorf, Gernsheim, Griesheim, Groß-Gerau, Grünstadt, Hanau, Heppenheim, Heidelberg,
Heilbronn, Hessen, Ingelheim, Karlsruhe, Langen, Köln, Kurpfalz, Lampertheim,
Lorsch, Ludwigshafen, Maintal, Mainz, Mannheim, Mörfelden, Neu-Isenburg, Neustadt, Offenbach, Pfalz, Pforzheim,
Pfungstadt, Rhein-Main, Rhein-Neckar, Ried, Rüsselsheim, Stuttgart, Schwetzingen,
Speyer, Stockstadt, Taunusstein, Viernheim, Weinheim, Wiesbaden, Wiesloch, Worms, Würzburg, Kaiserslautern,
Bad Kreuznach, Odenwald etc. © by Farbträume Kunst + Bodypainting All rights reserved

What is a Bellypainting?

Bellypainting, also preggybellypainting or
The term for all kinds
of painting pregnant tummies, its photography
is a beautiful reminder of the time of pregnancy

What time is right for a bellypainting?

From the 30th week of pregnancy on

we can realize a good painting and photo.

The belly is becoming more and more pretty


The most important thing is, that you feel

comfortable. A Bellypainting is harmless for

mother and baby.

Numerous international Awards prove 

the high quality of my work.

Priceinformation Bellypainting

I dont't work with standard-motives,

every Bellypainting is an individual piece

of art, especially for you.


Our current Favorite

our favorite Bellypainting: a painting like bellypainting

Bellypaintings – more information...

Which motive is suitable for me?

Are you still looking for the right motive? 

In our Studio I can offer you our picture-archive

to inspire you for many different motive-ideas!

Childlike, decorative, romantic, fantastically
funny or cartoon-motives...


A special experience


Enjoy the privacy in my Photostudio

while your favorite motive is evolving

on your belly.

Not only an event for you as parents-

to-be –  you will get a lasting memory

for your whole family.

Gift Vouchers available – ask us!

Bellypainting Giraffen
Popular motif: giraffes (Photos: Michaela Zeng)

For more animated gifs and video-links  take a

look on our Video-page